Veraflow will begin on Wednesday, October 7 at 6:30 pm and last about 45 minutes. Lynn Blakely, fitness guru, has been an instructor for 19 years and was selected as one of the original Zumba Jammers TM, choreographing and educating fellow Zumba® instructors across the country from 2010-2017. Lynn is a former Group Exercise Director and has been a presenter at the international Zumba Instructor Convention and Fitness & Yoga at The Arnold. Feeling the effects of higher-intensity exercise on her body, she discovered VeraFlow® in 2016 and began her journey toward a more flexible and peaceful life. In January 2018, Lynn began serving as the VeraFlow® Master for the United States and has now trained over 50 instructors in the program. In a VeraFlow® class, stretching is mixed into the dance routines and continues throughout the class. All routines are choreographed to music. It is low-impact and the dance is more to have fun and warm-up the muscles. The class begins with a warm-up, progresses through standing routines and then moves to the floor where we continue stretching to the beautiful music. It will end with mindfulness practice. Each class is $5.00 and participants are to bring a Yoga mat or beach towel. Sign-up as soon as you can since class is limited to 8-10 participants. Class members will be socially distanced, masks are recommended and the area will be sanitized before class begins. Contact the library at 473-2226 to sign-up now or email Lynn at