The J. R. Clarke Public Library is located at 102 East Spring Street in Covington and has been serving the Covington community since 1917. Our location on East Spring Street is currently being renovated, so our temporary location is at 101-103 North High Street in Covington.

The mission of the J. R. Clarke Public Library is to provide a broad range of library materials and services to meet the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the public and encourage lifelong learning within the community.

The Library has a wide variety of activities and services available to the Covington community from reading programs to wellness checks and free computer use. For more details, please visit or call 937-473-2226.



9:00am – 7:00pm


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9:00am – 7:00pm


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9:00am – 1:00pm


The J. R. Clarke Public Library of Covington was first known as the Covington-Newberry Township School and Public Library. It was organized in 1917. Its first location was in the Newberry Township building located on the corner of Wright and Pearl Streets in Covington. Outgrowing these quarters, the Covington Board of Education designated a room in the elementary school building for the library. The library remained in this building until 1950. In 1940, a branch of the library was placed in the high school study hall for the convenience of the students.

In 1950, the library moved to 212 Walnut Street, Covington. This location was made available by Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Clarke, former Covington residents. Mr. Clarke was a former state librarian. After extensive remodeling, it was named the J. R. Clarke Public Library and was dedicated in 1950.

With the continued growth of the library, the site of the Grace Brethren Church became the next location for the library. This building, located on the corner of Pearl and Spring Streets, opened its doors to the public in February, 1981. It remains the current location of the library. In addition to library services, this location offers a large parking lot, a large meeting room and auditorium for the patrons.


Front Row (L-R): Kathy Short, Cherie Roeth, Mary Beth Benedict. Back Row (L-R): Cindy Angle, Alex Moore, Jim Barhorst, Dan Leistner. (Not pictured: Judi Hittle)