The J.R. Clarke Public Library has friendly, knowledgeable staff who is available to assist you in all of your educational and research needs. Our staff is listed below in alphabetical order.


Growing up in Covington, and now raising our eight children here, working at the J.R. Clarke Public Library is a dream come true. The library has always been one of my favorite places in Covington due to the consistent, friendly faces – a true family-friendly environment both as a patron and as an employee.

There are many great and exciting things that continue to happen at the library. As a home educator, I am overjoyed with all of the programs and resources the library has available for homeschoolers in our community. I have been working at J.R. Clarke since the beginning of 2019 and have really enjoyed my experience with the children during summer reading programs, as well as the additional programs available for children. Seeing children out in the community, who greet me with huge smiles and hugs, or receiving sweet notes from children who enjoy our programs – it truly warms my heart. This is what makes it so rewarding living in a small community like Covington.


I came to work for the J.R. Clarke Public Library in 2015 after growing up with this as my “home library”. I have a passion for reading and always wanted to have the opportunity to work in a library because it plays a vital role in building the community and supporting local culture. It is an honor to be a part of this library and serve the Covington community by encouraging the passion of reading in others. It is said, “People may go to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other there”. It is my hope that people not only find whatever information they seek, but they also find kindred souls and feel at home at the J.R. Clarke Public Library.


I have worked at J.R. Clarke Public Library since April, 2018. I love education and learning new things, which is why I chose to work at the library. The library is the hub of the of the community and I have enjoyed getting to know and help my neighbors in their pursuit of knowledge. Our selection of books, activities, and friendly atmosphere are just some of the wonderful assets of our library. Reading, learning and fun… what’s not to love?


J.R. Clarke Public Library Director, Cherie Roeth, has spent more than 35 years in the field of education as a teacher, school administrator, and district librarian. Over the years, she has worked in the Versailles, Bradford and Covington school systems, along with being the Special Education Supervisor for the Darke County Educational Service Center.

A graduate of Bradford High School, Cherie holds several college degrees from Wright State University and The University of Dayton in the areas of public education, school administration, and multi-age library media. After retiring from public education in 2007, she worked part-time for Bradford Schools as the district library-media specialist and was hired by Bradford Public Library as its director. The opportunity to work in a public library setting as been her retirement goal for years!

After retiring from the Bradford Library, Cherie was blessed with the opportunity to continue working in a community, which values education and ongoing community education – where providing inspiring, fun and book-loving activities for our patrons is “first and foremost”! Yes, being hired as the Director of J.R. Clarke Public Library is a “Dream Come True”!

Cherie has been married to Ed Roeth for 50 years. They have four children (all graduates of Covington Schools), eighteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. Cherie love to read, sing, and watch her grandkids in their extra-curricular activities. She also babysits children in her leisure time.


The reason I enjoy working at the J.R. Clarke Public Library is I get to devote my efforts each day towards helping the people in my community and I am blessed to work with tremendously devoted people. I am always learning something new and quite honestly, it is a fun place to work.

J.R. Clarke Public Library has been a part of my life since I was a young child. I recently moved back to my home town of Covington and wanted to work within my community. What better place to do so than working at the library.

I believe there are many assets that bring our community to the library. For one, we have an amazing and helpful staff. We also have great activities available to the the community; story hour, exercise programs, homeschooling activities, and health screenings. We also have a great selection of books, media and computers for all ages to explore.


I have always enjoyed reading and have been a patron of J.R. Clarke Public Library since preschool. I am a Covington High School graduate and a life-long resident of this great community. I have two boys, Logan and Kellen, who are also Covington graduates. I have been employed by Covington Exempted Village Schools since 1999 and have been working at the library since March 2018. I have a passion for working with the public and the youth of our community. Being here, I’m able to fulfill my passion for learning and give back to the community I love.


In June 2016, Carman Wall asked if I wanted to be the Story Time Lady. I just couldn’t believe my luck! I love these smallest “readers”. You never know what they will say or do. They are so enthusiastic, it is contagious! I am always amazed at the folks who bring them to our library and have encouraged their little ones’ love of reading. It is a sight to see two or three generations picking out their books together.

Our library is a wonderful place to foster life-long learners. J.R. Clarke is where I first came to the library as a youngster and it is where my children enjoyed their first library experience as well.

Mary Beth

I have worked at the J.R. Clarke Public Library since 2014. I have always loved reading and was fortunate to take advantage of the resources the library offered when I was in school. After I married and had children of my own, we continued to use the library with Story Time being a high point of each week. Now I have grandchildren coming to Story Time.

When I learned the Fiscal Officer position was open, it seemed like a natural fit for me to be a part of the same library I have gone to for years. I think one of the attributes we have is the friendly interaction with our patrons. Even though the library’s functions have changes over the years, we are still here to serve the community and I enjoy working here.


I started working at the J.R. Clarke Public Library in 1986 and have made many friends with our staff and patrons. Over the years I have gone through many changes here with different directors, rules and regulations, but I have enjoyed every step of my journey.

The library offers many services and programs to people of all ages, as well as a large variety of different educational and research materials in various platforms. The continued advancement in educational resources is what makes being a part J.R. Clarke Public Library a rewarding experience.


Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved books and spent many hours at the library each week. I always thought it would be wonderful to work at J.R. Clarke Public Library and I feel blessed to be awarded that opportunity.

After retiring from nursing, I began looking for something to keep me busy. Within a month, a position opened at the library and I began working here in October of 2017.

Our director, Cherie Roeth, has introduced new life and energy into the library – adding new programs and encouraging patrons input and suggestions for making the library a vital part of the Covington community.

I’m really happy to be a part of the library’s future.