Auditorium/Meeting Room

The J. R. Clarke Public Library provides an auditorium and meeting room for public and library use. The following guidelines are enforced:

  • Library activities receive priority over community group activities.
  • Both rooms are available for organized non-profit groups.
  • The rooms are not available for social gatherings, religious functions, fund raising, commercial or for profit enterprises.
  • The rooms are not available for groups meeting on a regular basis.
  • The small meeting room is limited to a maximum of 12 persons.
  • The auditorium is limited to a maximum of 80 persons.
  • The use of both rooms must be requested prior to the event.
  • The use of the rooms is at the discretion of the Librarian as directed by the Board of Trustees.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Food and beverages are limited to light snacks.
  • No facilities are available for cooking or refrigeration.
  • Groups using the room may not charge admission or receive donations.
  • Children are to be supervised at all times.
  • There is no charge if the event is during library hours.
  • $15.00 is charged if the event is beyond regular library hours.
  • $20.00 is charged if the event begins after library hours.
  • Anyone wishing to use the auditorium must fill out an application which may be picked up at the desk.

Book Sales

The Friends of the J. R. Clarke Public Library have two annual book sales. One is held in the spring and one is in the fall. The proceeds from these book sales help support our children’s reading programs. Donations for the book sales may be made to the library. Anyone wanting to help with the sales should contact the library.

Community Bulletin Boards

The library has two community bulletin boards. One is located in the north entrance and one in the south entrance. Please have the librarian review the information before it is posted on the boards. The library has the right to reject a posting deemed inappropriate or offensive to other patrons. Postings will be discarded after the publicized event.

Community Room (Lower Level)

  • SMARTBoard with Speakers for organizational and business usage (FREE instruction on usage)
  • All types of workshops, classes, educational instruction (Ask for Application)
  • Developmental StoryTime Tuesdays at 9:00am & 10:00am
  • YOGA Classes Wednesdays at 6:15 pm
  • Knitting and Crochet Classes Thursdays at 6:30 pm
  • Fall 2019 – Exercise Class for Mature Adults
  • Fall 2019 – Homeschooling Workshops

Covington Care Center Delivery

A librarian visits the Covington Care Center monthly. Residents may request books. We have a variety of large print books suitable for circulating at the care center. Please let us know if you have a friend or loved one living at the center that would like to receive books. There is no charge for this service.

Displays and Exhibits

  • The library has two display cases. One at each entrance.
  • The library is happy to provide space for displays of an educational, cultural, civic or recreational nature.
  • Space is not provided for commercial, political or religious purposes.
    The library shall have the final decision on the content and arrangement of all displays and exhibits.
  • Anyone wishing to reserve a display case must fill out a request form located at the desk.
  • Displays are generally on display for one month.
  • The J. R. Clarke Public Library assumes no liability for items displayed or exhibited.

Early Literacy Stations

  • The library has 4 Early Literacy Station computers.
  • The computers are located in the children’s area.
  • The computers specialize in educational games and activities for preschool children as well as elementary school age children.
  • The Internet is not available on Early Literacy Stations.

Ellison Die Cut Machine

  • The library has an Ellison Die Cut Machine with 59 designs.
  • The designs are available to the public.
  • Bring in your paper and a staff member will cut the designs for you.
  • Please call ahead and allow a couple of days for the designs to be cut if you need a large quantity.

Fax Service

  • $.25 per page for the first 10 pages
  • FREE after the first 10 pages
    .02 cents b/w per one side; .10 cents color per one side

Home Delivery

The J. R. Clarke Public Library will deliver and pick up books to those individuals deemed as invalids or home bound and unable to come to the library. This pertains primarily to our elderly patrons living in the Covington area. If you would like to have books delivered to your home you must call the library and make this request. The library reserves the right to limit this service to those individuals they are certain are unable to visit the library and live within the Covington area.

J.R. CLARKE ALCOVE (Reference & Genealogy)

Available for FREE usage and FREE instruction

  • SCANPro 3000 Digital Genealogy Machine
  • Computer & Printer
  • Ellison Die Cutting Lettering Machine
  • Cricut Scrapbooking Machine
  • Binding Machine
  • Room can be reserved for study or meetings (Available by reservation)

Library to School – LTS Program/Teacher Requests

The staff of the J. R. Clarke Public Library selects and delivers books to the Covington Elementary classrooms 8 times during the school year. Teachers may email book requests to the library. We will honor the requests as closely as possible. Teachers may request any number of books. Usually between 25 to 40 books are delivered to each classroom.

Microfilm Reader/Printer

  • The library has the Miami County Census from 1820 through 1900 on microfilm.
  • All Covington High School Yearbooks from 1950 to 2019 are available for use on the Microfilm Reader/Printer.
  • The library has the Stillwater Valley Advertiser from July 1926 through December 2000 on microfilm.
  • The microfilm reader/printer is available in our local history/reference room.

Notary Public

  • A library staff member is a Notary Public. It would be advisable to call to assure she is on duty when you need her. (473-2226)
  • A photo ID is required when using this service.
  • All signatures must be made in the Notary’s presence. Do not sign forms before entering the library.
  • There is no charge for this service.

Ohio Golden Buckeye Card Application

  • Ohio residents who hold a current Ohio Driver’s License or State ID card automatically receive a Golden Buckeye Card in the month of their 60th birthday.
  • Individuals who do not have a current license or State ID, as well as people under age 60 who are eligible due to a disability, or who otherwise do not receive their card automatically may apply for a card at the J. R. Clarke Public Library.
  • You must show your driver’s license or other State ID when applying.
  • If you are disabled please bring verification of your disability status.
  • Visit the official Ohio Golden Buckeye Card site for more information.

Photocopies, Binding and Lamination Services

PHOTOCOPIES (Black and White)

  • $.10 Per Page (Any Size)
  • $.15 Per Page Two-Sided (Any Size)
  • $.15 Any Scanned (Each Side)
  • $.15 Any Scanned Each Side
  • Other – See Staff or Director
  • 20% off if you bring your own paper


  • $.25 Per Page (Any Size)
  • $.35 Per Page Two-Sided (Any Size)
  • $.35 Any Scanned (Each Side)
  • Other Color – See Staff or Director
  • 20% off if you bring your own paper


  • $.10 Per Page Resume’
  • $.02 Per 20# – 65# paper (Any Color)
  • $.05 Card Stock or Construction
  • $.05 Letter Envelope (Any Size)
  • Clasp Envelope – Sm .35; Lg .40
  • Other – See Staff or Director


  • $.25 per plastic binder comb
  • $.25 per Cover Sheet (Black)
  • No charge for staff binding booklet

LAMINATION (Pouch Laminator)

  • $1.00 Per Sheet 8 ½” x 11”
  • $.75 Per Sheet 6” x 9”
  • $.50 Per Sheet 4” x 6”
  • $.25 Per Sheet 3” x 5” (Great for business cards)

Requesting Books

The library is here to serve its patrons. If you would like a book that you do not see in our catalog, notify the librarian. If possible, we will add this request to our collection.

Reserving Books

Books by popular authors often times are requested by several patrons. If you would like to have a book reserved for you, make your request by phone, in person, or online. You will be called, emailed, or text messaged when the requested material is available for pick up. If you know you will not be able to pick up the book we would appreciate your letting us know so we can notify the next patron. Books that have a high demand may not be available for renewal.

Story Time

The J. R. Clarke Public Library offers a story time for children 3 to 5 years of age. Story time includes several activities geared for preschool aged children. It is an excellent way to prepare a preschool child for kindergarten. Our story time director has a degree in education and has taught several years in elementary school.

Story Time is held for one hour on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 and at 10:00. This may vary depending on total enrollment. Registration is required. Please inquire at the desk for registration information, or call the library for more information at (937) 473-2226.

Tax Forms

  • During tax season, the library has federal, state, city and school tax forms available.
  • The library may also be able to reproduce some tax forms.
  • Federal tax forms may be printed through the Internet at
  • State tax forms may be printed through the Internet at
  • Please remember the library staff members are not able to assist you with your tax returns.
  • If you have questions about the computer or printing, staff members may help you with these questions. However, they will not answer actual tax questions.

Test Monitoring

The library provides the service of monitoring tests for college and high school students. Contact the director or have the educational institution contact the director and a time will be set up for this testing.

Upper Valley Medical Center Wellness Nurse

An Upper Valley Medical Center nurse visits the library the second Tuesday of each month and takes blood pressure and glucose tests for our patrons. This is a free service and an excellent way to monitor your health wellness. She is here in the morning from 9:00 to 10:45.

Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot

  • Voter registration applications are available at the library.
  • Change of address and/or name applications are available at the library.
  • Absentee ballot applications are available at the library.
  • Further information on voter registration and absentee voting may be found at or by calling 1-877-767-6446.