J.R. Clarke Public Library and Board of Trustees is pleased to announce that the entire library facility will be going through an inside renovation, beginning sometime in March 2021.  To continue serving our area community and school district requirements, the infrastructure of electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and Data lines will be replaced, in addition to other upgrades that will better provide for current and future library demands.  More information will be provided as we work through this process.

The J. R. Clarke Library Trustee Boards have done an outstanding job with fiscal and financial responsibilities from past years.  The current General Fund has grown to a point where these needed renovations and changes can be made without asking our Covington community to pass a levy.  Also, to save additional money during the renovation, the J.R. Clarke Library will be moving to 101 and 103 North High Street for approximately six months.  This move allows general and sub-contractors to have full reign of the location, easily moving from one work location to another without the added burden of continually moving furniture, shelving, books, and other equipment.

The Friends of J.R. Clarke Public Library and the Trustee Board will be hosting a Renovation and Winter Book Sale from Tuesday, February 16 through Saturday, February 20,

during regular library hours. Furniture, equipment, and other items that will not be moved back into the renovated library will be ready for the public, churches, organizations, and households to find a “treasure” to take home for a “donation” given to the Friends of the Library group.  This money will be used for Children’s programming and Friends of J.R. Clarke Library projects.  Every room of the library will be open and items tagged for your examination and inspection.  If a person is interested in a specific item, he/she will place their name and phone number on the item and then provide a monetary donation to the JRC Friends group. We ask that these items be picked up either Friday, February 19 or Saturday, February 20, during regular library hours.  The Winter Book Sale will be held in the Community Room, along with smaller items for donation.  If any community members wish to assist during this sale, please contact the library.  Your name will be forwarded to the Friends of the Library President, Karen Garber.

Mrs. Roeth, the JRC Director, is available to speak to area community groups.  She will explain aspects of the renovation and bring the latest specifications.  Please contact her at 937-570-1733 to schedule an event.  At the alternative J.R. Clarke Library site, layouts and pictures will frequently be changed so everyone can participate and enjoy the progress of this Renovation Project.

J.R. Clarke Public Library was founded in 1917, under the auspices of Covington Exempted Village Schools. Please refer any other questions to 937-473-2226 and talk with Cherie or Mary Beth.