To “Stir the Air at Home in a Positive and Healthy Manner,” JR Clarke Library has several databases that reachable through your home computer: This week try out several of these
FREE databases from JR Clarke Public Library website. Please remember that our Wi-Fi is on 24/7. If you do not have Wi-Fi at home, you can park outside of the library and use ours.
Do not forget that our Book Drop is also open 24/7. Please note that the JRC Trustee Board will be meeting on Monday, April 13. I will have more information for each of you on Tuesday, April 14.

Preschool thru Third Grade

Early World of Learning

This should keep the younger kids busy for a while, and they will learn some new things, too!

4th thru 12th Grade

Enter the code: 18709

Where does your Tween or Teen want to go around the World? Lots of fun information on a
variety of topics!

This week we will be focasing on SENIOR CITIZENS

SENIOR CITIZENS, This site is for finding Senior Care Senior Living Options Near You. Put in what type of care you are looking for and then search by city and state. Lots of valuable information.

We also have a HISTORIC ARCHIVES tab.
This section, as well as our new webiste, has been put together by Ben Robinson. All photos were kindly donated by local photographers, businesses, and community organizations.
Have a BLAST at LOOKING at the PAST! JR Clarke will always take donated pictures, which we can add to this collection. Also, look at the Archives of the Stillwater Valley Advertiser. Mark Schilling has spent many hours digitizing them for our Community and interested patrons who love Genealogy!

Have you tried LIBBY, which will put you in touch with The Ohio Digital Library? You can
download the LIBBY app or go to:
This is a one-tap reading app from our library for you.
There are thousands of books from which to choose: Use from your cell phone,
e-reader or computer. Please Note: I check the voice messages about every 2 days. I can give your library card number to you if you do not have it memorized! Just call the library
at 937-473-2226 and leave a message. If you are having issues with your card number or pin feel free to email us at

Have you ever looked at GOODREADS?

Since the COOL libraries do not have Interlibrary Loan at this time due to COVID-19,
perhaps you can pick out some interesting books that we can order for you when the
Interlibrary Loan ban lifts. Just keep a list with the TITLE of the BOOK and the AUTHOR. 

Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!
Sincerely, Cherie Roeth, JR Clarke Director