J.R. Clarke’s Developmental StoryTime will begin on Tuesday, October 6. 

JR Clarke is blessed to have retired teacher Laurie Deubner as our StoryTime teacher. It is held every Tuesday morning and there are two classes: 9:00 am and 10:00 am. Registration for each class will be different this year. We are asking every parent to sign up their child for a specific period of time for the length of a four-week class. Example: Johnny Doe is signed up for the 9:00 am time slot for a period of four weeks. After that four weeks, Johnny can stay with that specific time period or change to the 10:00 am time slot for the November four-week classes. Signing up specifically for a period of time will assist in decreasing preparation and activity waste and increase weekly attendance. There is normally a theme and activities planned for a month’s period of time. October’s theme is “PETS!” Each class will be limited to 10 children so that social distancing can easily take place. Masks are also recommended. Mrs. Deubner will be wearing a mask during the classes. Sign-ups will only be “in advance” by contacting the library. Any questions, contact the library at 937-473-2226 or contact Mrs. Roeth.