The Staff at J. R. Clarke Public Library would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the Walk Around Lego Land Program.  What a nice turn out we had!  Everyone who came and built their projects did a wonderful job.  A special thank you to Ellie, her friends and family for helping sort down the Lego’s so everyone got the same amount.  To Amy Welborn for assisting me with the program.  Thanks to Charity Courts and Kim Woloch for helping with the kids while the judging was going.  Also a special thank you to Chief Lee Harmon and Brian McKibben for being our judges.  They did a great job.

The winners list is as follows:


  1. Liam Deaton – The Ramping Go Cart
  2. Ethan Martin – Underwater Explorer
  3. Kamryn Hollinger – Rainbow Wall
  4. Filip McMaken – Pirate Ship Battle
  5. Corbin Church – Space Battle

Jr. High

  1. Kent Welborn – Skate Boarder
  2. Zeb Woodward Roeth – Battle at Hogwarts
  3. Katie Hollinger – Stranded on an Island

Congratulations to all the participants.  All the projects were moved upstairs so that we could have a People’s Choice vote and award just one with a special prize.  We hope to do this again, so be looking for an announcement. 

The People’s Choice award was presented to Filip McMaken for the Pirate Ship Battle. 

Thanks Again

Cherie Roeth Director, Darlene Brown Librarian

All the Staff at J. R. Clarke Public Library

People’s Choice winner, Filip McMaken.