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Here are just some of the NEW Titles we have just received as of 3/7/2019. Try out some new authors or genre!  You might be surprised and like it!!  Also, check out the "rack" that hold Inspirational DVD's  MOST OF YOUR REQUESTED ITEMS ARE ON THE "NEW" BOOK SHELVES

          Adult Fiction...And More

Justified Murder by Jude Deveraux
Silent Night (is coming)
When  you are near by Tracie Peterson
1st Lady (is coming)
The Silence of the Girl by Pat Barker LP
Once Upon a River by D. Setterfield LP
Her Last Goodbye by Melinda Leigh LP
Ensnared by J. S. Scott LP


          Inspiration Fiction...And More

Between Two Shores by Jocelyn Green LP
The Line Between by Lee Tosca LP
We Hope for Better... by Erin Bartels LP
A Faithful Gathering by Leslie Gould LP

          Western Fiction...And More

Renegade Ranger by J. Griffin LP
Showdown Trail: by Louis L'Amour LP

          DVD's  and More...

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         Children and Juvenile Fiction...And More

Alice on the Island
Emmi in the City
Escape from Lucien #6
Firelight #7
Last Council #4
Noelle at Sea
Prince of the Elves #5
The Stonekeeper #1
The Stonekeeper's Curse #2
Pizza Party
Knights vs Dinosaurs
Impossible Crime
Just Right
Backyard Bears
Dark Sky Rising
And More...

          Children's & Juvenile NonFiction...and More

25 Women Who Fought Back
Everything Book...Kittens
Everything Book...Puppies
Happiness Tastes...Cotton Candy
I Am Brave
I Am Strong
I Am Thankful
I'm Having a Sky Blue Day
Supernova #8
This Makes Me Happy
Where is Area 51?
Where is Our Solar System?
Where is Stonehenge?
Where is the Brooklyn Bridge?
Where is the Parthenon?
Where is the White House?
Stinky Truth
Nature Inspired Contraption?
Fact or Fiction?  Researching...
American Civil War
Miracle on Ice
Understanding Propaganda

Young Adult Collection

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